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Ion Barbu (1895 – 1961), was an outstanding Romanian mathematician and poet. 

Translated below is one of his best known and most mysterious poem that references mathematical concepts such as group theory, sums (in calculus) and game theory. 

[Out of an hour glass, inferred…]


                                            by Ion Barbu

  Out of an hour glass, inferred, the depth of this calm highpoint
  Seeped through a mirror inside redeemed azure,
  Cuts out from groups of water, through drowned celestial herds, 
  A secondary game, more pure yet.

  Latent nadir! The poet raises the sum of
  Scattered harps, lost in inverted flights,
  And songs subside: secretive, as only seas can be,
  Floating off jellyfish beneath green bells.



[Din ceas, dedus…]


                                               de Ion Barbu
  Din ceas, dedus adâncul acestei calme creste, 
  Intrată prin oglindă în mântuit azur,
  Tăind pe înecarea cirezilor agreste,
  În grupurile apei, un joc secund, mai pur.

  Nadir latent! Poetul ridică însumarea
  De harfe resfirate ce-n zbor invers le pierzi 
  Şi cântec istoveşte: ascuns, cum numai marea 
  Meduzele când plimbă sub clopotele verzi.

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