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The poetry of Nichita Stanescu (1933-1983) is one of the most interesting works of literature of the modern era. In terms of artistic heights - Nichita is the Brâncusi of Romanian poetry. 

The reach of Nichita's poems, filled with stunning images and paradoxical  constructs is far and wide - for this reason they are difficult to translate.  

Stained Glass Window


                                            by Nichita Stanescu 



Your shadow, bumping into walls
breaks into colored shards again.
Oh, and this is why you’ve seen me in the street
picking up its misplaced squares.

To sew it back together inside the midnight hour
I’ll fold them gently over your window -
green, blue, yellow and red -
mounted on the helmet of lead lines.

When you’ll awake, harlequins of colored glass
glued to panes, will filter the sun through their see-through skins,
and let it slide,
half-filled with rays, into your arms.



                                                     de Nichita Stanescu 

Umbra ta, lovindu-se de ziduri,
iar se sparge-n cioburi colorate.
Oh, de-aceea m-ai zărit în stradă
adunând pierdutele-i pătrate.

Şi s-o fac la loc, în ceasul nopţii,
peste geamuri ţi le-aşez cu grijă,
verzi, albastre, galbene şi roşii,
încoifate-n creştet cu o sprijă.

Când te vei trezi, lipiţi de geamuri,
arlechini din sticle colorate
vor lăsa prin ei să-ţi cadă-n braţe
soarele, mereu la jumătate.

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