Alone at LaGuardia

Here is a poem from my latest book Sea Glass Circe, titled "Alone at LaGuardia".

Alone at LaGuardia

Memory, pixilated -

by the simple anchor of a dream.

Writing in airports -

nothing matters except

being able to cast silence as

a space

where waves usher in

boundaries of sand dollars

following the moon.

Alone at LaGuardia

as the day dawns,

seeds of light, grains of


travelling at the speed of a maple achene,

at the speed of an aircraft wing.

Alone at crossroads & airports,

at a crowded fissure on the face of the earth.

Nothing else - if not forgotten, I will be forgiven.

After a day in Connecticut,

waves whistling past the sandbar -

the non-existing house on the beach

glued to my memory.

Copyright © 2019

Irina Moga

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