How to speak of dreams - Comment parler de rêves

There is so much to be said of dreams, frankly.

And where to begin?

It's not the usual poetic conundrum - what to say - but maybe the follow-up question - how to say it?

How to speak of dreams? Comment parler de rêves ?

In sotto voce, the subliminal message of a whisper, when we have but little courage to articulate what's not reality.

" sleep, perchance to dream - ay, there's the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come..." in Hamlet's words.

Here is a colourful and sparkling anthology published by "line bridge body publishing" on the theme of dreams during the COVID-19 pandemics, coviDreams, whose book designer is Sanja Joseva Dejanovic from Toronto.

I am glad to be part of this booklet together with my long time friend and co-author Tatiana Arsénie, an artist from Berlin and in the company of so many other artists!

We have created five pictopoems (poetry and art combinations) and they can be viewed on pages 76, 77 and 78 of the book.

One of them it's called, yes, – "Sotto Voce".

You should be able to access the content of the book free of charge.

Hope you enjoy this beautiful book!

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