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Tatiana Arsénie is the co-author of  Pictopoems of Berlin together with Irina Moga; she lives in Germany and has had numerous personal and group exhibitions.

Tatiana specializes in painting, urban landscapes, graphics and Byzantine painting.


Tatiana’s drawings of Berlin have earned her praise for the accuracy of the details and the enigmatic overtones which are the hallmark of her artistic flair.


The drawings in the Pictopoems of Berlin are part of the series “gezeichnet.Berlin” (Berlin Drawings) and

“gezeichnet.Pankow” (Pankow Drawings).


“gezeichnet.Pankow” (Pankow Drawings) was a project initiated by Kulturring in Berlin e.V.


Both “gezeichnet.Berlin” (Berlin Drawings) and“gezeichnet.Pankow” (Pankow Drawings) are based on an original idea by Hannelore Sigbjoernsen.


The drawings included in Pictopoems of Berlin  were featured in several exhibitions in Berlin.

You can view some of our pictopoems  through the links below:

Unter den Linden - originally published in dANDelion Magazine Volume 36, issue i/ii

Reichstag - originally published in dANDelion Magazine Volume 36, issue i/ii

Knaackstraße - originally published in qarrtsiluni

The Former Stern Radio Building originally published in qarrtsiluni

pictopoems third cover.jpg

In July 2019, a collection of forty-five drawings of Pankow by Tatiana Arsénie, accompanied by the texts of various authors was published in Berlin. Five pictopoems from "Pictopoems in Berlin" book were also included in this new book, in their German version.

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