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  • Irina Moga

Pictopoetry 2.0

Original art by Tatiana Arsénie ©2018

In this post, I'd like to talk about the newest experiments in pictopoetry done with my co-author, dr. Tatiana Arsénie from Berlin.

Since finishing the book "Pictopoems of Berlin" in 2018, we're searching for a new way to tinker with the frontier between poetry and art.

This new approach somehow calls for a minimalist way of expressing affinities of moods - raw, organized and dis-organized at the same time.

Hence the idea of moving to pictopoetry using short prose poems.

It gives us joy to share the link to today's issue of the "Les Femmes Folles" published by Sally Deskins, that features some of our newest results from our longtime collaboration:

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