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  • Irina Moga

Why Book Reviews Are Fun

Ok - so this is a blog post for what could be considered a pro domo sua argument: I enjoy both reading and writing ( snippets of ) book reviews and literary criticism.

Here is why I think books reviews are fun.

1. Book reviews provide us with the 'inside story' - the scoop of the book if you will - and help us decide whether a book aligns with our interests. It's not uncommon that, after reading a good book review on a topic that is not on our radar, our interest is piqued and we might be seeking more information on it.

For instance - it's unlikely that I would be looking for a book on golf equipment, let's say, but if the book review is insightful, it might change my mind.

Curiosity not only (notoriously) kills cats but also expands our horizons.

2. Book reviews are gossipy; they provide the gist of the book, and an assortment of juicy tidbits with regards to the author, his/her style and, more than once, draw interesting parallels with other books and/or authors - so an opportunity for harvesting information, that leads us - other books.

3. Book reviews help us appear clever and fashionable - a gift bestowed to us through their canvas of cultural ideas and polished vocabulary.

And let's be honest - in a world in which image and words matter so much, why would we not give ourselves the advantage of being astute conversationalists?

So the conclusion of this post comes flying in easily....go for a book review - or maybe two.


I am glad to have joined the "Split Rock Review" as an occasional/part time book reviewer so, please stay tuned for a few more book reviews. :0-)

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