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My Heart-To-Heart With Takuboku Ishikawa (1866-1912). An Overlay on Quantum Theory

You can read about my heart to heart with the Japanese poet Takuboku Ishikawa (1866-1912) in "The Starlight Scifaku Review" :

I was so impressed after reading a tanka by Ishikawa on Wikipedia, that I felt compelled to write back to him in the form of another three tankas, to which I have added a sci-fi twist.

Here is the splendid tanka by Takuboku Ishikawa:

On the white sand

Of the beach of a small island

In the Eastern Sea.

I, my face streaked with tears,

Am playing with a crab.

You can read my reply here:


Irina Moga is a Canadian writer and member of The Writers' Union of Canada.

She is the author of "Variations sans palais" (Éditions L'Harmattan, Paris, 2020) and the 2022 winner of the "Dina Sahayouni" international poetry prize.

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