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  • Irina Moga

Say a Prayer. Read a Poem

March 21st is World Poetry Day.

Poetry is the most intuitive form of art and the one that, arguably, is the easiest to embrace, given how little it takes to get to a poem or a poetry author. All it takes is a few keystrokes on Google.

And why should we bother?

One reason that comes to mind is that poetry has a hidden quality, one that we’re likely to ignore – if we’re in a hurry.

Reading poetry has a profound cathartic effect.

Through introspection, focus on words and meaning, poetry helps us surface feelings and moods that we can begin to understand in a new light.

It brings us self-awareness and clarity.

Poetry helps us keep our innermost thoughts in balance with what happens in “the real world.”

Through meditation, it helps us reach a state of calm, resilience, and determination.

Today it is the spring equinox.

Say a prayer. Read a poem.

And life will get better.


Here is a link to my poem: "Stories"/"Histoires" in English and French.

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