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Dear reader, welcome to my site!

Why read poetry?


Poetry is perhaps the simplest and most intuitive form of art.

Yet it carries a profound and long-lasting effect on our psyche: poetry heals us, balances us in an ever-shifting world and sharpens our understanding of who we are, building us up.

With its multiple facets - catharsis, fluidity - the essence of poetry is constantly on the move, on a continuum of words.

Poetry is all about experimenting, taking risks and getting caught in unnecessary complications. 

Unnecessary and, like a two-faced Janus effigy, necessary for us to open emotional floodgates to new transitions.


Transitions - which on some days we refer to as 'creativity'.


About me: 

I am a Romanian-born Canadian. 

You can read my work online - through the links provided on this web site.

My poetry, short fiction and book reviews have been published in literary magazines in Canada and the US: Canadian Literature, dandelion, carte-blanche, The Rockhurst Review and others.

previously published two poetry books with Editura Dacia in Romania.  

My latest book, Pictopoems of Berlin co-authored with Tatiana Arsénie and published in 2018 is available in paperback at

I'm also glad to be a member of The Writers' Union of Canada:

If you'd like to connect with me, drop me a line, I am always glad to chat.