Dear reader, welcome to my site!

I am a Romanian-born Canadian writer, author of four poetry books and the winner of two literary awards in Romania. 

You can read my work online - through the links provided on this web site.

My poetry, short fiction and book reviews have been published in literary magazines in Canada and the US such as: Canadian Literature, dandelion, carte-blanche, The Rockhurst Review and others.


"Sea Glass Circe", my latest poetry collection was selected for an official launch as part of the 2020 Toronto LitUp! series of events on February 23, 2020. 

I I would like to acknowledge the gracious support of the Toronto LitUp!, Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA) and of the Toronto Arts Council for the launch. 



I'm am glad to be a member of The Writers' Union of Canada:


If you'd like to connect with me, drop me a line, I am always glad to chat. 

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