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Water Paddles
Exciting news! "Quantum" - my latest poetry book - will be released in July 2025 by DarkWinter Press
More to come.

Awards and Grants 

2022 - The book "Variations sans palais" (Éditions L'Harmattan 2020) was awarded the inaugural international literary prize “Dina Sahyouni” by the Société Internationale d'Études des Femmes & d'Études de Genre en Poésie (SIÉFÉGP) and the French literary magazine « Le Pan poétique des muses».

2022-2021 – Ontario Arts Council (OAC) Recommender Grants for Writers (New Quarterly: Canadian Writers & Writing) for "Quantum".

2019 - Selected by the jury of Toronto LitUp! Toronto International Festival of Authors for an official launch of "Sea Glass Circe" as part of the 2020 Toronto LitUp!, Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA) series of events in February, 2020. 


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Irina Moga is a Canadian writer who writes in English and French. She is the author of several poetry collections. Irina's work was featured in literary magazines, books and anthologies in Canada, USA, France, UK, Germany and Romania. 

Irina Moga's poetry is steeped in lyricism;

yet the auctorial voice in her poems is that of a restrained confession, within a shifting landscape. The sotto voce of consonants and vowels blends in with imagery in a vortex of catharsis and illusion.  

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