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  • Irina Moga

A Snowman Learns A Life Altering Truth

Listen to the podcast "A Promise" based on a tiny story I wrote.

The text of the story is listed below for your enjoyment.

A Promise

A dark wave of sheer meanness flickered in Snowman’s eyes.

He had spied a pink, hand-written note zigzagging slowly from the window on the first floor.

Snowman found the descent of the pink post-it note downright irritating; rare snowflakes, blown by westward winds, could not assuage his outrage at the faint lilac whiff let off by the note. He felt speechless.

Speechless with rage? Jealousy? Desire, maybe?

He wasn’t too sure; his feelings seemed to be in upheaval since he had seen her. She had been all smiles, notwithstanding the cold December air, as she climbed the stairs of the red brick house across the street.

Right across from the lawn where he was camped out, an idiot of ice and water, madly in love.

Yes, yes, he was in love, why deny it any longer?

In love with her, the teenager with the contagious laughter and mysterious lilac scent. She had even found time to stop in front of him, adjust the position of the carrot perking up as his nose, tied up the wool scarf around his neck all while looking him straight in the eye. Ahem.

And this note, she purposely had thrown out the window, who was it for? Filled with anxiety, Snowman studied the strength of the wind which was now pushing the note towards the bus station.

A furtive and adroit move of the broomstick (his left hand) and the note fell in his lap.

Barely containing his haste he opened the note and read:

“I have fallen in love with a snowman.” “I promise to tell no one.”

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