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"Quantum" - 2025 - with DarkWinter Press

Updated: Jun 9

My new poetry book "Quantum" is slated to appear in July 2025, published by "DarkWinter" Press.

The poems in the collection share a "truant disposition" (in the words of W. Shakespeare).

The truancy in question manifests itself through an attentiveness to details: close-ups of water drops, rustling leaves, and of the white malaise induced by Canadian snow starting late November.

Ah, but this is just a game I play where I exchange tokens of the surrounding universe, our everyday "quanta," for hints of feelings, in return for a guaranteed dissimulation of the latter.

Whether the approach works - is for another day.

More about "Quantum" in 2025.


Irina Moga is a Canadian author and a member of The Writers' Union of Canada.

She is the author of "Variations sans palais" (Éditions L'Harmattan, Paris, 2020) and the 2022 winner of the "Dina Sahayouni" international poetry prize (France).

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